Appropriate Technologies for Inclusive Development
In the current neo-capitalism era, the gap between the rich region and the poorer ones is getting bigger. Such unbalanced wealth distribution increases the regional tensions, from which several regions become politically and economically unstable and are triggering local conflicts or regional war. The resulting impacts would include (1) increased fears of terrorism, (2) illegal immigrations, and (3) the hike of the security expenses in the rest of the world. The Inclusive Development aims at reducing the gap between the low and high income communities, e.g. developing vs. developed countries, the rich and the poor within an individual region. It shall provide low-income communities with access to capacity development and sustainable environment as well as health and welfare benefits. Following from a successful introduction of the Appropriate Technology Camp in EKC2016, this year, the Inclusive Development group organises the EKC2017 Science Camp and 4 technical sessions ; Session 1 Biogas Technology for Resource Efficient Society (Jointly hosted with the Energy and Environment Group) Session 2 Improvement of the habitation environment using in-situ earth brick technology (Jointly hosted with the Architects Group) Session 3 Smart Agriculture and its impact on our society Session 4 Appropriate Technology as both scientific training and practical solutions
  • KIM, Jinwook (Wageningen University)
    Composite cross populations (CCPs) of Winter wheat under low-input farming systems in the Netherlands: G x E interaction, Adaptability and Stability of yield over years
  • LEE, Hyeran (Wageningen UR)
    Clover response to natural and artificial fertilization and presence of earthworms
  • KWAK, Donggeun (Seoul National University)
    Revisiting the Concept of Appropriate Technology through the Zhong Yong Philosophy and the Appropriate Technology Spectrum from the Optimization Process of Rainwater Technology