Mechatronics and Aerospace
The Mechatronics and Aerospace Industry in Europe is one of the most advanced industries in the world and also highly accredited for its sustainable job creation during the recent economic downturn time. Within the vast Mechatronics area, the robotics is one of the key areas that South Korea invests a lot of efforts to catch up the gap. This session group aims to gather together Korean and European Mechatronics and Aerospace experts for their exchange of opinions and viewpoints on the Korean/European Projects and related Industries, review the current and new development projects, in view of potential cooperation in this domain. This session group therefore organizes the following sessions: • Session 1 – Aerospace electronics and systems • Session 2 – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering • Session 3 – Robotics - Human-Robot Interaction
  • KIM, Hogun (University of Southampton)
    Effect of Cavity Flow on High Speed Train Pantograph Aerodynamic Noise
  • KIM, Euiyoul (Universität Stuttgart)
    Image-based approach to optimize tyre pitch sequences for a reduction of tyre air-pumping noise
  • GU, Yunjin (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
    Twisted String Actuator and a New Force Sensing Mechanism in Power-assistant Glove
  • HUH, Hwanil (Chungnam National University)
    Performance Analysis of an Expansion-Deflection Nozzle According to Initial Angle of a Pintle
  • HUH, Hwanil (Chungnam National University)
    Experimental Study of Flow Characteristics in an Expansion-Deflection Nozzle at Low Nozzle Pressure Ratios
  • HUH, Hwanil (Chungnam National University)
    Construction of Fundamental Experiment System of a Plasma Generator for Drag Reduction Research
  • HUH, Hwanil (Chungnam National University)
    Fundamental Experiments on Temperature Measurements of a Plasma Jet
  • YANG, Changho (Oxford Brookes University)
    Thermal Hybrid Powertrain system by a waste thermal energy recovery system
  • JIN, Seong-ho (University of Lincoln)
    Noise generation from methane/air premixed flames