Energy and the Environment
Energy and the Environment group has been lasted for years via the EKC aiming at the development of technology collaboration between Europe and Korea. Reflecting the rapid change in global energy and environmental issues, the group has facilitated collaboration between Europe and Korea. In the talk sessions, delegates will discuss the main issues, core trends and collaboration opportunities in the field of energy and the environment with experts and key persons from diverse sectors including industry, government, local authorities, research organisations and academia. As Energy and the Environment is one of the typical interdisciplinary subjects, the group holds interdisciplinary sessions in collaboration with Material Science Technology Group, Built Environment Group and Appropriate Technology Group. In addition, Marine and Ocean Group is also linked to Energy and Environment Group in its topics. In the poster presentation, specific topics related on energy and environment are presented focusing on each presenter's recent researches and works . Delegates can find collaboration partners by understanding each participant’s expertise, research topics and main activities of participating experts or organisations. Energy and the Environment Group focuses on following sessions at EKC2017. Through these events, EKC2017 offers delegates a valuable opportunity to create a new network for open innovation. Poster presentation Talk Sessions o Sustainable smart net zero energy city o Pitch Presentation of Posters on Energy & the Environment o Biogas technology for resource efficient society o Workshop for Korea-Europe collaboration on energy R&D o Energy related materials and devices o Rethinking built environment to move beyond sustainability o Nuclear Energy: Technology innovation and safe waste disposal o Exploration and potential of the Arctic o Material safety technology
  • MOON, Sunwoo (KTH)
    International cooperation in big science: nuclear fusion
  • LEE, Eun Young (University of Vienna)
    Compaction effects of marine carbonate deposits inferred from core data along the northwest shelf of Australia
  • PARK, Eomji (Vienna University of Technology)
    Can autonomous vehicles reduce CO2 emissions?
  • HA, Kyung-ja (Pusan National University)
    Asian Monsoon Climate Change - Understanding and Prediction
  • PAK, Daewon (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    Synthesis and charaterization of novel microstructured TiO2 nanotube/Ti electrode
  • KIM, Sungil (CERFACS)
    Reservoir characterization using the combination of discrete cosine transform and level set method in ensemble smoother with multiple data assimilation
  • CHOI, Hyungsik (University of Hohehenim)
    Potential trade-offs of employing perennial biomass crops for climate change mitigation in the EU
  • HAN, Seong Ok (Korea Institute of Energy Research)
    Natural Cellulose for Energy Storage
  • KO, Dongah (Technical University of Denmark)
    Removal of cadmium from airport derived stormwater by disulfide-polymer particles surface embedded on alginate beads
  • LEE, Eun Young (University of Vienna)
    Correlation studies on shelf deposits along the northwest shelf of Australia using handheld XRF data
  • BYUN, Jeehye (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research)
    Switchable hydrophilicity of heterogeneous polymer photocatalyst for the enhanced catalytic activity
  • LEEM, Ji Sun (Technical University of Berlin)
    Spatially Resolved Electrical and Thermal Battery Simulation Model for a Single Lithium-ion Battery
  • YOON, Sangjun (KRICT)
    Advanced porous electrodes to improve local electrochemical reactions for vanadium redox flow battery applications
  • KIM, Sunwoong (Seoul National University)
    Economic Evaluation of Demand Response Participation using Smart Appliance in South Korea
  • GIL, Moonhyun (Graz university of technology)
    Supported Liquid Membrane Permeation for Lactic Acid Recovery
  • KIM, Wan Doo (Korea Institute of Machinery and materials)
    Development of a nature-inspired dehumidifying system
  • KIM, Sangwon (KIST Europe)
    Experimental and numerical study on the effect of flow rate on the steady and transient response of all-vanadium redox flow battery
  • MOON, Heeseung (Seoul National University)
    Load Scheduling and Optimal Operation of Container Ship with Energy Storage System
  • SEOK, Seonho (C2N-UPSUD-CNRS)
    Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting-Basics, Modeling and Interface circuits
  • PARK, Il Woong (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))
    Experimental study on Leidenfrost effect on the surface with micropillar
  • SHIN, Jinhwa (Université Grenoble Alpes)
    Atmospheric CO2 variations on millennial-scale during MIS 6
  • KIM, Minjin (LPICM(Laboratoire de Physique des Interfaces et Couches Minces))
    Efficient light harvesting in inverted polymer solar cells using polymeric 2D-microstructures
  • KANG, Na Rae (Lund University)
    End Group Cross-linking of Highly Sulfonated Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cell
  • SONG, Sunghoon (Korea institute of civil engineering and building technology)
    Design and Structural Analysis of Air Bubble Barrier for Preventing Harmful Substances
  • PARK, Jungyul (Sogang University)
    Electrical eel inspired high voltage nanofluidic power generation