Marine and Ocean
Development of Safe Voyage Planning System for Ships Operating in Arctic Sea
DR. KANG, Kuk jin
Korea Research institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering, Korea
Kuk Jin Kang has over 34 years’ experience of ship hydrodynamic research. He has developed most of pioneering experimental and numerical research works in KRISO towing tank and ice tank. His research expertise covers design and powering performance evaluation of a ship and a wing in ground effected ship. Recently he has worked for Arctic research as a manager of projects related with safe voyage planning system development of ship and hull form development of FPSO operating in Arctic Sea.
Contributing to marine environment and CO2 emission reduction; a multi-disciplinary marine coating research program in PNU
PROF. LEE, Inwon
Pusan National Univesity, Korea
Inwon Lee is a professor in the Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) at Pusan National Univ. He received his Ph.D. from the Mechanical Engineering Department at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in 2000. After joining the faculty of PNU in 2003, he has been working in the field of ship energy saving through various drag reduction techniques such as low frictional coating, air lubrication, hull form optimization and appendages. His research interests include flow control and drag reduction of turbulent flows, quantitative flow visualization using PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), experimental fluid mechanics in towing tank and wind tunnel, the development of novel marine coatings such as eco-friendly anti-fouling paint, low frictional coating. Now, he is the deputy director of the GCRC-SOP, one of the largest group research program funded by Korea government.
Congratulatory Speech
DR. VAN, Suak ho
Society of Naval Architects of Korea, Korea
Dr. Suak Ho van has been working in KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering) over thirty two years after Ph.D. from Seoul National University at 1986. His major research field is analysis, prediction and optimization of powering performance of ships based on towing tank test and CFD. He contributed to the international CFD group by providing the invaluable benchmark database of KCS, KVLCC, KLNG models. Now he is a president of the Society of Naval Architects of Korea.
Overview of GCRC-SOP (Global Core Research Center for Ships and Offshore Plants), Pusan National University
PROF. CHO, Dae seung
Pusan National University, Korea
D.S. Cho is a professor in the Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) at Pusan National Univ. He received his Ph.D. from the NAOE at Seoul National Univ. in 1991 and thereafter worked in HHI as a ship noise and vibration researcher for 6 years. His research and teaching interests include low noise and vibration design and control of ships and offshore structures, environmental noise, radar cross section, blind source separation. Now, he is the director of GCRC-SOP.
Introducing selected research projects in advance materials and robots for the marine industry
Lloyd's Register, United Kingdom
Ivy Fang is working as Lead Specialist in Strategic Research in Lloyd’s Register and is based in Southampton, UK. She has been involved with a wide range of technical research topics aiming for applications between medium to long-term horizon for the marine industry. Examples include advanced materials, robotics, antifouling technologies, resilience engineering, and trends analysis. She has also been working in several EU research projects, bringing together Lloyd’s Register’s research interest with external research teams to foster innovation within the shipping sector.
Estimation of attainable speed in ice ridge using empirical formula
Inha Technical College, Korea
Hyun Soo Kim is Professor and working for Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at Inha Technical College. He earned a Bachelor & Master degree in engineering at Inha University and studied for the Doctoral degree at Pusan National University in Korea. He has made a research in R&D center of Samsung Heavy Industries Company Ltd (SHI) as a researcher for 15 years. He moved to Inha Technical College after quit SHI in 2008. His major research field is performance in ice.
A Preliminary Study on a Floating Solar Power Plant in Sea Area
DR. HONG, Sa young
Korea Research institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering, Korea
Sa Young Hong has over 31 years’ experience of offshore hydrodynamic research. He has developed most of pioneering experimental and numerical research works in KRISO Ocean Engineering Basin. His research expertise covers multi-body hydrodynamics, hydroelasticity and mooring dynamics. He has served as a member of Ocean Engineering Committee of ITTC . He also has served as a board of directors of ISOPE and the president of Korean Society of Ocean Engineers.
Applied research priorities for commercial shipping and shipbuilding: common themes and needs of Europe and Korea
MR. TUSTIN, Robert
Lloyd's Register, United Kingdom
Robert Tustin is a Technical Consultant working for Lloyd’s Register in Southampton. He specialises in ship new construction. He studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in Ship Science at Southampton University. He has worked for Lloyd’s Register for 33 years including, over two periods of duty, a total of 20 years deployed to Korea. In 2007, during his second period of duty in Korea, he was responsible for organising a competition for research grants from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.
Safe burial depth of a subsea pipeline based on the scour force and ice strength
University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Ana Ivanović, PhD, CEng, MICE is a Professor in Engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, with a background in civil engineering and geotechnics. Her research is focused on investigating the influence of iceberg scour on marine pipelines and the influence of trawling gear components on the seabed using both laboratory and numerical modelling approaches. Ana has also investigated numerical and exp. modelling of ground anchorages installed in both rock and soil.
Review of the Current Status and Future Development of Decommissioning of Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms and Offshore Wind Turbines
DR. YOO, Seung deog
Microvortex, Germany
Dr. Yoo is the founder of MICROVORTEX. He received his doctor degree in computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from the University of Hamburg. He has worked as a consultant and project manager at different German engineering companies for offshore industry. His activities include offshore wind and decommissioning of offshore structures.